About Us


Unlike most companies, we concentrate on Colorado health insurance. We adhere to the belief that in the ever changing world of insurance, focusing on one area and a few solid companies is the best path for everyone.

Concentrating on the health insurance, our company has developed a reputation for explaining the various plans out there in a simple, direct, and honest way.

We don't push or sell. It's not in our interest for a person to have a plan that they don't understand and will not be happy with. We educate and advise. We explain and that is our value. The rates and plans are identical through us or direct with the carrier...
whether you buy it directly from the carrier, from your local broker, or through us.

Then why go through ColoradoPlans?? The carriers are large companies and we know that can make communication more difficult.  Further more, your local broker with his or her many types of insurance might find it tough to really get down to the nuts and bolt of what makes a good health insurance plan for you. We don't sell...we educate.

We are independent brokers ...we can represent multiple carriers out there. We choose only the strongest carriers that will be there when you need them. This is critical.

So give us a chance. We welcome your questions and we would be happy to go through the various options out there in the health insurance market.

Coloradoplans.net provides rates, applications, and information to better help Colorado understand their options. Coloradoplans.net, the registered owner of the web site, does not recommend, endorse or provide advice on which insurer to select or which products to buy.
Do not cancel any existing health insurance until you receive written confirmation from the insurance company to which you are applying.